Nightlife Advisory Board Report Summer 2021

In the Summer of 2021, the Nightlife Advisory Board issued its primary report, but opted to offer no specific recommendations as to revision of the zoning related to dancing, no position on the practice of prohibiting cover charges for live music in Use Group 6, and no mention of the overreaching regulation by the State Liquor Authority in collaboration with Community Boards.

Following is the summary recommendation in the report as to the zoning resolution. The Board had held hearings and the Report links to the submissions of the 15 people submitting statements at the hearing. Alan Sugarman seemed to be the only presenter who focused on zoning and other issues.

Dancing / Zoning Resolution The City should appoint a panel of expert stakeholders to review the zoning resolution and submit recommendations to the Mayor and City Council on areas throughout the city where dancing should be permitted in commercial establishments. Dancing is restricted to certain Use Groups in the zoning resolution, thus limiting where the free expression of dance may occur at restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and other venues in the five boroughs. The recent repeal of the Prohibition-era Cabaret Law signaled that it is past time to expand the areas where people may dance, if the appropriate safety measures are in place. The ONL and the NAB should be consulted on all related matters, including during rezoning of neighborhoods and relevant development projects.

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Nightlife Advisory Board Report Summer 2021

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