DCP Proposal 8 For Common Sense Regulation of Dancing and Music

The Mayor has narrowly defined the problem and the need to change zoning regulation of dancing and music. This is a narrow view of the problem. The problem is the need to eliminate the arbitrary regulation of dancing and music, whether by the DCP or any other governmental entity. The most important regulators restricting dancing and music are Community Boards with the State Liquor Authority.  The Mayor and City Council have narrowly defined  the scope of the problem, so that they may claim significant success when the zoning amendments are approved. This was the tactic in  2017 when the Cabaret Law was repealed, with no significant impact on increasing dancing in New York City, despite every expert stating that the repeal was largely irrelevant because of both zoning and SLA regulation. Deja vu.


May 2023 City of Yes Proposal 8
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